Welcome to Roundel

Roundel Civil Products is the leading supplier of corrugated metal pipes (CMP) and bolted, corrugated-plate structures (BCMS) in Australia. We design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of these structures for use in road and rail infrastructure, natural resource and construction projects.

We operate four factories around Australia, manufacturing our Stilcor CMP culverts and our bolted, B200 multi-plate structures. Our static pipe mills are greatly enhanced by our on-site manufacturing abilities and experience, which remains unsurpassed in terms of production output, reliability and safety performance. Please see the individual web-pages for further details.

On-site manufacturing

For large-scale infrastructure projects, projects in remote areas or when very large diameter pipes are required (for the bored pile foundations under wind farm generators, for example) we can take our production plant & equipment directly to a client’s project site. Delivery costs can be drastically reduced, pipes supplied more quickly and in longer lengths, with subsequent savings in installation time and costs.

We have a comprehensive range of support plant including large capacity forklift trucks, mobile site offices, generator sets and purpose-built pipe support systems. Providing we can obtain supplies of water and fuel we are entirely self-sufficient.


Roundel • at a glance

The dedication to our clients that has helped us grow from modest beginnings in 1998 to become the supplier of choice to many of the country’s leading resource companies, civil engineers and building contractors.

Case Studies

BHP Worsley Alumina, WA

The project consisted of five large deep-corrugated plate structures: two stockpile tunnels installed under a 28m high bauxite stockpile; and three large-span haul road underpasses.

CBS steel reinforced

Concrete-injected rib system

Roy Hill Rail culverts and underpasses

The Roy Hill Rail project consisted of 344km of railway line connecting the Roy Hill mine in the Pilbara, WA, to the port loading facilities at Port Hedland.

4200 tonnes of Stilcor CSP culverts

2 on-site mills across 7 locations