Market Sectors

Road & Rail

Typical road and rail projects require our full product range of Stilcor CSP culverts, B200 multi-plate arches and the B381 large-span underpasses. We design for all live loads including SM1600 highway loads, as per AS5100, the 300LA railway design load as well as specific mining haul truckloads and construction loads.

Mining / Resources

The mining and resources sector forms our largest client base, with Roundel supplying all major mine owners, operators and civil / mining contractors across Australia. We have significant manufacturing operations located close to mining areas such as the Pilbara (WA) for the iron ore mines, Capella and Townsville (QLD) for the coal projects in the Bowen basin and the zinc mining operations in Mt. Isa. Hunter Valley mine operations are serviced from our factory in Blayney (NSW). For significant mining projects, involving both road and rail works, our on-site manufacturing expertise is unsurpassed.

All members of our skilled labour force are well experienced in the challenges posed by remote manufacturing operations and the rigorous demands required on mining operations. Further details of the many thousands of tonnes manufactured in these challenging conditions can be found on our Project References in the Downloads section.

Agriculture / Forestry

The agriculture and forestry sectors use both our Stilcor galvanised steel culverts and our Alucor culverts. The sector generally uses small diameter culverts in 4m-6m lengths for small crossings. Aluminium is frequently preferred due to its low weight and ease of handling without the need of craneage. We supply to all Government land and forestry departments such as DELWP, VicForests and DPAW.