The major use of our corrugated pipes is for drainage culverts. Stilcor CSP culverts are the preferred option on many road and rail projects due to their relative low-cost, the high strength to weight ratio and ease of installation. With our range of materials and coated steels, we can offer a service life of up to 100 years in most environmental conditions. Please see our section on coatings for more details.


Underpass arches are supplied in either the B200 or B381 bolted, corrugated steel structures, depending on the structures dimensions and the loads being applied. The B200 profile would normally be sufficient up to 6.0m spans whilst the B381 structures can span >20m. Typical underpass installations include:

• Road underpasses where mining operations are being extended over public roads,
• The separation of Light Vehicle Access roads and Haul roads on mining operations;
• Pedestrian, cattle or vehicular access for road and rail projects.

Stockpile Tunnels, Decline Tunnels and Mine Portals

Our bolted structures have been used extensively for stockpile tunnels, mine decline tunnels and mine portals. Stockpile tunnels typically enclose conveyor systems and provide access for personnel and maintenance.

Mine decline tunnels and portals provide safe, protected access to drift entrances and can be designed for a wide range of mine vehicles. The structures are highly cost-effective, with lower material and installation costs compared to pre-cast concrete. The delivery of packed tunnel components, ready for assembly on-site, allows for cost-effective delivery to the most remote locations.