Bolted Corrugated Metal Structures BCMS B381

Bolted, corrugated metal structures (BCMS) B381

The B381 profile offers a more limited range of structure shapes but has a greatly enhanced structural capacity, allowing for much larger arch spans and live load capacity. The large-span arches are typically used for rail and road underpasses, as a cost-effective alternative to pre-cast concrete structures, or large-span stockpile tunnels under high-capacity stockpiles. The B381 structures also include a wide range of wide-span low-profile Box Culverts, as a direct alternative to RC box culverts.

The strength of B381 arches can be further increased by the installation of double-ribs. In extreme loading cases, the void created by the twin-rib structure can also be grouted and reinforced. In all cases, site assembly is quick and efficient with full site support provided by our experienced staff. Further product details are available in the downloads section, together with our Project Reference detailing many of the projects completed in Australia.

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