Our Products

Our product range of corrugated metal pipes and bolted, corrugated steel structures are all based on the same underlying design principle: by applying sinusoidal profiles to flat steel or aluminium sheet, the wall strength is greatly increased.

The subsequent high-strength to weight ratio results in highly cost-effective structures, with a wide range of applications. Our Stilcor helical culverts are manufactured in a wide range of materials with wall thicknesses from 1.6mm up to 4.2mm. We offer all corrugation profiles specified in the prevailing standard AS/NZS2041: 2010 ‘Buried corrugated metal structures’: including 68mm x 13mm, 75mm x 25mm and 125mm x 25mm. We can also roll-form the 150mm x 50mm corrugation profile on our mobile mills in diameters >4.4m to 7.0m.

The B200 and B381 bolted, corrugated metal structures all for a wide range of structure shapes, stronger corrugation profiles and heavier steel thicknesses. We manufacture the B200 ‘multiplate’ structures in Townsville, Qld, and the B381 structures are manufactured by our South Korean partners Fixon Inc. We offer a full design service carried out in accordance with AS / NZS2041.1 ‘Buried Corrugated Metal Structures – Design Methods’. Our design Is supplemented by 3D FEA analysis where required.