About us

Family business

Established 1998

Roundel Civil Products is family owned and operated. Established by our founder, Graham Byard in 1998, we pride ourselves on offering our customers high quality engineered products, competitive prices and great, reliable service. Our reputation is built on our continued commitment to our customers, employees and suppliers. Our commitment has been demonstrated for over 25 years, as we have built the business and our reputation.

Proud members of CSPI since 2007
Proud member and supporter of CCIWA since January 2000
Member of Drafting Committee for AS / NZS2041

Our vision is to be

Commitment to excellence

- A company recognised throughout the industry for reliability and for delivering greater value; and,
- A company acknowledged by its customers, suppliers and employees as an integral part of their success.

Our mission is to

Quality, Integrity, Growth

- Provide our customers with the highest levels of service, product quality and competitive pricing;
- Create and maintain a team of talented people dedicated to helping our customers succeed;
- Provide our employees with a challenging and rewarding work environment with ongoing opportunities for personal and professional growth;
- Produce sufficient financial results to provide continued growth and to service the needs of our shareholders;
- Develop and foster an atmosphere of openness and trust with our customers and employees;
- Maintain the highest levels of integrity, quality and safety standards throughout our work.

Our team

By accomplishing our mission, and achieving our vision, will ensure the most favourable long-term benefits to our
Customers, Employees and Shareholders.