Bolted Corrugated Metal Structures BCMS B200

Bolted, corrugated metal structures (BCMS)

Bolted, corrugated metal structures (‘BCMS’) are manufactured as curved, corrugated plates, which are then assembled on-site. The manufacturing process allows for a wide range of structure shapes, in addition to circular culverts, suited to a wide range of applications. We manufacture the B200 200mm x 55mm corrugation profile in Townsville, whilst the B150 150 x 50mm and the B318 381mm x 140mm deep-corrugation profile is supplied by the leading manufacturer in South Korea, Fixon Inc.

The B200 structures are used for underpasses, stockpile conveyor tunnels, and decline tunnels, in addition to traditional culverts. The full range of geometric shapes and dimensions are available in our download section.

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