Helical CSP Culverts

Helical CSP / CMP culverts

Stilcor CSP / CMP culverts are helically-wound pipes available in a wide range of metals and coatings. Our Stilcor, Alucor and Polycor CMP helical culverts are available in all corrugation profiles, material grades and thicknesses specified by the prevailing standard: AS/NZS2041 ‘Buried Corrugated Metal Structures’. Diameters range from 300mm to 3,650mm for our static mills and 300mm to 7.0m+ for the mobile mills. The manufacturing process is free-form, so any intermediate diameters can be manufactured to suit your requirements. Material thicknesses available ranges from 1.6mm to 4.2mm. We have 7 static culvert mills in fixed locations around Australia plus 3 mobile mills for on-site manufacturing operations.

Stilcor CSP pipes are the most commonly used across Australia and are manufactured from Z600 G250 galvanized steel. Alucor CMP pipes are manufactured from aluminium alloy 5251 – H34 Marine Grade and are used in areas of relatively high concentrations of soluble salts. The culverts are also favoured in certain applications due their light-weight and ease of handling. Alucor II pipes are manufactured from Grade G230 steel with an aluminized (Type II) coating, in accordance with ASTM A929. Polycor HPL PE-coated steel offers the highest level of protection, consisting of a reinforced polyethylene-coated Z600 galvanised steel. Polycor HPL has very high abrasion resistance and can withstand aggressive conditions (pH 3-12, Resistivity >100 ohm-cm).

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