On-Site Manufacturing

For large-scale infrastructure projects, projects in remote areas or when very large diameter pipes are required (for the bored pile foundations under wind farm generators, for example) we can take our production plant & equipment directly to a client’s project site. Delivery costs can be drastically reduced, pipes supplied more quickly and in longer lengths, with subsequent savings in installation time and costs.

We have two state-of-the-art mobile CMP production mills especially developed for on-site production, the first of their type outside North America. Each consists of two trailers: the first trailer contains a decoiler, corrugating mill and run-out track ingeniously designed to sit within each other for transportation; the second trailer contains all the support plant required including a generator, control room and tooling.
The plants have been designed from the outset to meet the most stringent safety standards. All pipes are manufactured at standard factory height. All moving parts are fitted with safety guards and the plant operator works behind a light curtain. The mills have been independently certified as meeting in full the requirements of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 Act – an Australian first.

We have a comprehensive range of support plant including large capacity forklift trucks, mobile site offices, generator sets and purpose-built pipe support systems. Providing we can obtain supplies of water and fuel we are entirely self-sufficient.

While our mobile mills set new standards in on-site safety they are only as good as our most important asset – the people that operate them. We pride ourselves on our safety-first practices and on the continuous training that our employees receive.
Our production teams, including plant operators and their support crew, are regularly certified for competency in their various responsibilities, are subject to regular medical and safety checks and have been approved to operate on mine sites operated to the most stringent safety standards by some of the world’s leading resource and engineering businesses.

We follow well-established production systems and procedures. Our HSE standards are comprehensive and our Quality Assurance programme is designed to provide full traceability from steel mill to finished product.

The Roundel team has manufactured many thousands of meters of pipe on production sites that have ranged from congested city centre, to lush jungle, to remote desert, across Australia and in South East Asia. And we’re proud to have set new standards in site safety along the way.

Production Capabilities of the mobile mills:

Diameter range: 300mm to 7200mm
Material thickness: from 1.6mm up to 4.2mm
Production output: up to 30 tonnes a day