About Us

Roundel Civil Products supplies a comprehensive range of corrugated steel pipes and structures for use in road and rail infrastructure, natural resource and construction projects. Family owned and operated, we pride ourselves on offering our customers high quality engineered products, competitive prices and great service.

Our pipe range includes corrugated and smooth-wall pipes available in a range of materials and what we believe is the widest range of corrugation profiles available in Australia. These extend up to 150 x 50, the largest and strongest pipe profile available worldwide.

Materials include galvanized steel, successfully used for the vast majority of drainage culverts across Australia for over 70 years; aluminium, ideal for use in adverse ground conditions; and PE-laminated steel for installation in the most corrosive environments and when extra long service-life, in excess of 100 years, is required. Our smooth-wall and ribbed pipes are also available in these materials and in stainless steel. A wide range of fittings is available for all pipes as required.

Our bolted corrugated-plate structures are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes including pipes, pipe arches, underpasses and box culverts. Again, we pride ourselves on offering the widest range of corrugation profiles, ranging from 100 x 22 up to 400 x 150. This wide range helps us ensure that we can always offer our customers a competitively priced structure.

We have three manufacturing bases strategically placed around the country with eight production mills in all. These include two state-of-the-art trailer-mounted mobile production mills which we drive directly to a client’s site for larger projects, with significant savings in delivery costs, or when very large diameter pipes – of up to 7.2m diameter – are required. These mobile mills set new standards in safety for on-site CMP production and are independently certified as being fully mine site compliant.

Our Quality Assurance programme is designed to provide full traceability from steel mill to finished product across our full range, ensuring that we deliver a top quality product to every client, every time, on time.

And it’s that dedication to our clients that has helped us grow from modest beginnings in 1998 to become the supplier of choice to many of the country’s leading resource companies, civil engineers and building contractors.