Corrugated Steel Structures

Corrugated steel structures consist of individual plate sections (corrugated and curved) which are bolted together to form an integrated load-bearing structure.

Structures can be supplied in a wide range of corrugation profiles and shapes, including full round pipe, arch or pipe-arch, elliptical, underpass or long-span shapes.

Sizes range from small structures of a few metres up to large bridges and underpasses with spans in excess of 16m carrying railway or heavy mining plant loads. Even larger structures, or structures subject to particularly heavy loads, can be designed using the Composite Beam System.

Individual plates are delivered to site on pallets for assembly. Installation is a relatively fast and straightforward process providing simple guidelines are followed.

We offer a full design service on our range of corrugated-plate and composite beam system structures including structural and hydraulic designs to all of the established Australian and international design standards for buried corrugated metal structures and bridges.

Designs use both ring-compression theory and limit states design. For larger structures finite element analysis can also be provided when required. We also provide a comprehensive support service for your installation contractor.

corrugated steel structures