Corrugated Metal Pipes

Pipes are available in a range of materials to suit the length of service life required:

STILCOR pipes, manufactured from galvanized steel, the material used for the majority of drainage culverts across Australia for over 70 years. The steel has a galvanized coating of Z600 in accordance with AS 2041, the Australian Standard governing ‘buried corrugated metal structures’.

ALUCOR pipes are manufactured from Aluminium alloy Alclad material, manufactured in accordance with ASTM B745 to grade 3004-H34. Traditionally used for the manufacture of culverts being installed in corrosive ground conditions, aluminium is ideal for installation in acidic environments or ground conditions with relatively high concentrations of soluble salts.

ALUCOR II pipes are manufactured from aluminized steel strip of grade G230 minimum with an aluminized (type II) coating, in accordance with ASTM A929, which combines the strength of traditional steel pipes with the anti-corrosion properties of aluminium.

POLYCOR pipes are manufactured from Polyethylene-laminated galvanized steel which combines the traditional benefits of corrugated steel pipes – high strength to weight, ease of handling and speed of installation – with the excellent chemical resistance and durability properties of polyethylene. Intensive studies have shown that POLYCOR pipes can provide a service life of in excess of 100 years even when installed in extreme ground conditions.

PERMACOR pipes are manufactured from mild, or black, steel. This material is used only when a short life-span is required for temporary culverts, for example, or when pipes are being installed vertically as permanent, or sacrificial, liners in bored piling applications.

We have 8 CSP production plants around the country, including permanent production plants within the Pilbara, WA and the Bowen Basin, QLD, giving us greater production capacity than any other supplier.

With minor variations, these mills provide:

Diameter range: 300mm to 3600mm
(up to 7200mm on the mobile mills)
Material thickness: from 1.6mm up to 4.2mm

corrugated metal pipes